Money on My Mind

Problem Statement

The Financial Futures program helps qualifying Vermonters learn more about money management, building financial stability, and increasing household savings. In partnership with Reach Up, Financial Futures is able to provide financial incentives for completing goals and participants can earn up to $750 over the course of a year. But life is disruptive and after a few months people often fall out of the program and leave that incentive money sitting on the table. The goal of this project it to maximize the number of people who earn their entire $750 of incentives.

Project Summary

The Financial Futures team believes that a mobile app will help more people complete their program; taking home both a financial bonus and skills that will help them live better financial lives. 

Currently the program meets with Reach Up clients an average of once per month.  Coaches review progress and support participants in setting new goals, but typically it will be another 30 days before the clients have any interaction with the program again.  Not surprisingly this program has fairly high attrition rates.  A mobile app could fill that gap, reminding clients of upcoming classes, helping them record their savings, and notifying them of their next meeting with Financial Futures.

The first release of the "Money on my Mind" app will:

  • Let clients select their own goals such as creating a budget or attend credit-building workshops
  • Use push notifications to help clients stay on track to meet their goals
  • Make their goals more meaningful by assigning purposes and images to incentives and milestones
  • Visualize the progress they have made and see the next step in their path
  • Replace the current paper-based system for tracking incentives earned

The initial app is expected to serve several hundred Reach Up clients in the Financial Futures program within Chittenden and Franklin counties.  However there are another four branches of this program in Vermont that can also use this app, expanding the user base into the thousands.  Furthermore, this app can be built in a manner that can potentially be reused by all Financial Futures clients (currently about 1,000 per year), and sister programs throughout the state such as Micro Business Development and Individual Development Accounts programs.  At it's heart, this is a goal-completion app that could be modified and leveraged by an endless number of social service programs.

Project Owner

Every project produced by Code for BTV is ultimately owned by an established organization providing a public good or service to our community.  Finding the right project owner is the first step in the process and they provide guidance and domain expertice througout the project.

The project owner for the Money on my Mind app is the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity (CVOEO) is a nonprofit corporation formed in 1965 to carry out the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 in Vermont’s Northwest Counties of Addison, Chittenden, Franklin and Grand Isle. It is one of five Community Action Agencies in Vermont.  CVOEO provides vital services to over eleven thousand households (over 25,000 individuals) every year.

CVOEO is an important community resource, directly serving the needs of thousands of Vermonters.  Code for BTV couldn't be more pleased to be working with them.  Learn more at