Problem Statement

During the National Day of Civic Hacking VAHC asked us to complete the transition to a replacement WordPress website that had previously been started and then abandoned. The VAHC site, created in 2007, was a custom-built PHP site, and staff could not make structural changes to the site.

Project Summary

The brigade will complete the 2016 site update for VAHC, replacing the existing site with a modern Wordpress instance. This change will allow the non-profit to be better organized, and add some missing features such as a calendar. Particular attempts will be made to meet industry standards for web accessibility. The new software will be updated automatically, daily backups will be stored offsite, and staff will have easy access to Google Analytics.

To ensure that the work is launched before the beginnng of the 2019 legislative session, some features will be addressed in a future project iteration. These include improved page load speed, SEO, and incorporating the contents of a second related website.