Project Selection

Finding a project that is bound for success is a difficult task.  Despite initial appeal, on closer inspection most projects are less suitable for Code for BTV to pursue. And very few projects are launched without revisions to the original concept.

In order to help understand the requirement and evolution of proposed projects, and to keep the process and criteria transparent, Code for BTV has prepared a number of different materials:

Project Selection Criteria

As an all-volunteer organization providing very specialized services, we have both considerable strengths and weaknesses which must be considered carefully in all our project selections.

Operating Principals

This document describes standard operating principles for the Brigade, as well as the most typical aspects of the relationship between the Brigade and our Partners.

Project Proposal Template

All Brigade projects start with a Project Proposal document. This serves as a public, non-contractual description on the project that can easily be shared with all interested parties. It is also an important tool for the Brigade to evaluate the suitability of a project and identify areas that need to be addressed before committing to the work.