Problem Statement

During severe weather a clogged drain can quickly flood a street or property. Though storm drains are designed to be "self-cleaning" they sometimes fail and a street can flood in a matter of minutes.  It isn't feasible for municipal employees to monitor & clear drains all across our towns and cities.

Project Summary

Adopt-a-Drain would allow citizens to help keep the drains on their street flowing freely, and to indicate when their adoped drain was last cleared. This map-based web app allows individuals, small businesses and community organizations to protect their own property and keep the roads clear during storms.  This is a perfect example of many hands making light work.

Adopt-a-Drain could be created by redeploying and adapting the highly successful Adopy-a-Hydrant application.  This application was originally created by the Code for America brigade in Boston MA, but has been reused many times for many purposes:

Adopt-a-Drain – San Fransisco

Adopt-a-Hydrant – Boston MA

Adopt-a-Siren – Honolulu HI