Sector Mash Q&A

Tech Demo Q&A

Demos at the intersection of art & tech from 5–6pm

Q: What are the demos for?
A: The demos are an inspirational look at local examples of work at the intersection of technology and art.  They will showcase creative ways of using technical and digital tools and techniques to feed the imaginations of makers of all types.

Q: Who will be presenting?
A: This is a partial list of demos; more will be added as they confirm:

  • Orah 360 Video by Big Heavy World
  • Virtual Reality Demonstration by Kip Steele

Community of Opportunity Q&A

Lightning talks about resources for innovators from 6–7:30pm

Q: What is the purpose of these lightening talks?
 The presenters all represent resources for individuals in the overlapping fields of art, technology and entrepreneurism.  Specifically, they will be explaining what services they provide to the community that help independent creators advance their ideas, art or business.  Individual topics may vary from investment funding, to new technologies, to community partnerships.

Q: Who will be presenting?
A: This is a partial list of speakers; more will be added as they are confirmed:

  • BTV Ignite
  • Code for BTV
  • UVM Vice President for Research Office
  • VT Creative Network

Q: What is the presentation format?
 All presenters will be given 3 minutes with a microphone and a slide deck to explain who they are and how they can help.  Slides will auto-advance every 30 seconds.

Q: Who is the audience for these talks?
 Attendees will probably have a connection to art, technology, entrepreneurism or some combination.  Their interest may be as hobbists, professionals, or anywhere in between.  The common thread is people who are interested in reaching across sectors, and who want to see what resources available to the community.

Q: As a presenter, what materials do I need to provide?
No materials need to be sent in.  When we have confirmed you as a speaker, we will email you the link of a google slide deck with a blank placeholder for your organization and you can update your section as you like.  Further instructions are included in the deck.  

Q: As a presenter, who can I contact for more information?
 Contact us at that same email: 

Meetup of Meetups Q&A

Social meetup for cross pollination from 7:30–9:00pm

Q: What's this all about?
Fun conversations & music.  Past community resource events have been highly valued, but many people have said that they wish there was more time to connect afterwards.  So we're dedicating the two hours following the demos and lightening talks to some purely social time at a local watering hole with some good music.