Meetup: Lasers in the Sky

Drones, helicopters, and planes are shooting lasers at the earth.  
... Why?

Satellites are staring down at us from space all day, and all night.  
... What do they see?

People are using their phones and tablets to collect details about our city.  
... How is it used?

And so many more questions.  Does it affect your taxes or how long a fire truck takes to reach your house? Are your photo posts on Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram helping your community, or just changing the ads you see in your web browsing? If we take the lasers, the satellites, and the phone GPS data, and mash it together onto a map, what things can we see and do?

Are you just plain curious about place-based information (i.e., geo-spatial data)?  Please join Code for BTV, and the Vermont Center for Geographic Information, at 6pm on September 29th, for this free public discussion on what geographic data systems are, how they are used around you every day, and why it might matter to you. The presentations will be fun, lightweight, and visually exciting. Presenters include:

  • Bill Morris – Faraday
  • David Healy – Stone Environmental
  • Stephen Smith – VTrans
  • Jenny Bower and Leslie Pelch – VCGI

This will be both a presentation, and a free form discussion on the topic of geographic data and the systems involved in collecting, managing, and using it. It’s all geared toward the general public that knows absolutely nothing about geographic data. The presentations will teach from a high level general perspective how these systems work, and then show you the myriad of ways that they are used to help you, record you, influence you, and provide you with world understanding that would be otherwise unattainable.

About VCGI: The Vermont Center for Geographic Information, a division of the Agency of Commerce and Community Development, provides strategic governance and delivers high quality geospatial data, services, solutions, infrastructure and expertise that helps enable legislation. 


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