Autumn Plan-a-thon


Great things doen't happen by accident – they happen through thoughtful planning.  We are going to take a day to put developers, experts, and enthusiasts in the same room and come up with some projects that will work for everyone.

Sign Up

Please RSVP on so that we can get a sense of how many people are attending.

The Projects

In order to make sure we have the necessary people present, we've selected the following projects and done a little bit of prep beforehand:

VT Music Archives

Big Heavy World hosts the VT Music Archives, but they need help constructing a specialized audio player.

BTV Data

Good data is often the foundation of good software, but first we need to know what's already available.

Food Rescue

The Universal Recycling law will be in full effect in 2020 and we want to help people prepare themselves.

GreenUp VT App

A mobile app for GreenUp Day will help volunteers, organizers, and the pick up crews.

This list of projects is subject to change.  If you have another project you would like to promote, email

The Schedule

  • Project Introductions
    A general overview that allows undecided participants to select a project.
  • Setting the Project Context
    A small-group session where we define the direction of the project:
    • What is goal?
    • Who is the audience?
    • What do people require to adopt this?
  • Group Feedback
    Pairs of groups use each other as a soundboard:
    • Groups explain their project to another group
    • Questions & discussion are noted
  • Luncheoning 
  • Defining the First Step
    The group describes an initial prototype in as much detail as possible.
  • Group Presentations
    Sharing the days decisions back with the group.

Other Questions?

Contact us directly or leave a general comment below.


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