2017 Community of Opportunity - the BTV MeetUp of MeetUps!


NOTE: Code for BTV organized the 2018 version of this event. Check out our Sector Mash page.

Nick Diego and John Hoguet, two prominent individuals in the Burlington (BTV) tech community reached out to that community, in April of 2017, and asked if all of the MeetUps would come share their who/what/why in front of a crowd and camera in the Black Box theatre (at Main Street Landing).

The resulting video is a great resource for any individual who is new to the BTV tech community and wants to dive in, but doesn't know what is available. While the video is roughly 1 year old as of this posting, it is still fairly accurate. I wouldn't be surprised if we do this again at some point.

While Code for BTV always is interested in attracting new members to help with our civic improvement projects, we have found that we often host new members who are simply trying to break into the tech community and do not know where else to go. Rather than grapple these individuals and keep them from exploring it seems best that every individual integrate into the community in the place that best suits them, even if in the end that is not with Code for BTV (or at least not regularly). So, please share this video with anyone who wants to learn about the BTV tech community. Code for BTV is strongest when our entire community is strong.